How to Get Hired at the Post Office

How do you get a job at the Post Office? Most people think that you get hired at the Postal Service by knowing someone (usually a family member) who works there. There is some truth to this thought. The reason that quite a few people with connections get hired is because they have been told the process the Post Office uses by someone they know. It’s not about nepotism, it’s about knowledge.

The process the Post Office uses to hire new employees has changed over the years. In the past it was important to find out the test dates for hiring career employees. Postal employees were the first to hear about these dates, so they told their friends and family members. There was a real benefit to knowing someone in the Post Office.

That old hiring system has been completely revamped. Now, all postal jobs are posted online. Everyone has the same opportunity to see the jobs posted on the USPS website. Just click on the link, put in your search criteria, and the job listings are there…ready for your application.

There are some drawbacks to the new system. You can’t just walk into the Post Office and talk to the Postmaster and get a part-time job, like I did. Even casual ($8 hour when I started) employees must go through the posting system and apply online.

The hiring process can be handled without assistance, but to speed up the process I recommend a book by T.W. Parnell called “How to Really Get Postal Jobs”. This along with some other valuable resources are available on my Resources Page.

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4 comments on “How to Get Hired at the Post Office

  1. I am very interested in working for usps,as a mail processer or mail handler.I have 25 years experience with zip sorting mail or just processing mail. I can be a great access to the post office. I worked for a printing company for 32 years,unfortunatedly they closed on Dec.2011. Im now unemployed and ready to get to work. How can you help?

    • Hi Pamela,
      You have mentioned two of the positions that the USPS is currently downsizing career employees. But, they are hiring a lot of non-career replacements. If you are interested in getting your foot in the door as a non-career employee, this is a great time. Go to my resources page and click on the postal link. When you get to the career page click on the “search our latest job openings” link. You will want to search the plant (for example, in Ohio we have Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland) that your mail comes from. If you don’t know, call and ask your local post office. You are looking for a processing and distribution position. It will give a description of type of job involved and pay. In the positions you are looking for they are currently hiring Casual employees and PSE’s (will pay better). You apply online. The book I have listed on my “resources” page will really help you through this process. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Ashley,

      The Post Office doesn’t have “test dates” any more. Just go to the career page on the USPS website (there is a link on my “Resources” page) and register. You can take any of the tests online. There are hundreds of jobs posted on the website, and you must also apply online.

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